The association has in its composition several Committees for the most important issues, which analyze general and specific problems for each production sector, as well as offers proposals for (legal, procedural, technical, financial, etc.) solutions. The policy committees consist of:

Industry, Trade and Innovation Committee

The function of the Industry, Trade and Innovation policy committee is to deal with issues related to the objectives of the concretibility agenda.

Vullnet Haka


Legislation, Taxation and Procedures Committee

The Legislation, Taxes and Procedures Committee deals with the review of Albanian legislation and compliance with EU directives and legislation.

Dritan Nako


Committee on Regional Integration and the EU

The Committee on Regional Integration and the EU deals with the examination of issues based on the directives of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA).

Dionis Teqja


Statutory Compliance Committee

Ilda Baraj