In 2016, a group of the most prominent manufacturing companies in the territory of Albania initiated the creation of a single entity to help the local manufacturing industry. This grouping represented industries operating in the field of: food , recycling , construction materials and textiles . At this work table, were discussed the current production issues and how a long-term solution could be found for this sector. At the end of the meeting, it was decided that this organization would be called Albanian Manufacturers Union, as it would adhere the common interest of all local producers.

Today we represent over 50 active members; over 500 other associates and 4 main market macro-sectors.

The main motto of the Albanian Manufacturers Union is COMPETITIVENESS.


Increasing the competitiveness of "Made in Albania" products in the national and international market, relying on the principles of sustainable development.

To achieve the organization's mission, we rely on 4 basic objectives:

  1. Promotion of production and exports
  2. Promotion of digitization and innovation
  3. Promoting the circular economy
  4. Promoting regional and European integration


Development of the productive sector through increased production and exports.

The activity of the association focuses on:

1. Awareness of producers on the importance and usefulness of this organization.
2. Continuous information on problems in the field of production.
3. Providing analysis and research on important issues in the field of production.
4. Providing advice on public policies and legal initiatives affecting the field of production.
5. Providing professional and educational assistance to its members.
6. Broad awareness regarding consumer protection, social responsibility and fair competition.
7. Continuous promotion of the local product.
8. Any other action allowed by the law in order to develop the association in the interest of the members.

"Albanian Manufacturers Union" includes the following macro-sectors:

• Food and Beverage production and Processing industry
• Industry of production and Processing of construction materials.
• Industry of Recycling and Processing of metals, plastics, paper, cardboard and wood
• Textile and Leather production and processing industry.

The Statute of the Albanian Manufacturers Union can be found here .

The official profile of the association can be found here .